Our U-Vü® pack frees people to celebrate & share the moment

My name is Karl Picking, founder of the patented U-Vü, Smartphone chest pack, and an outdoor enthusiast. For the past five years, I've been exploring viable solutions to create the ultimate everyday smartphone camera pack. At U-Vü, we believe that sharing our life's experiences makes them more meaningful and more fun. 

Karl Picking, Creator of the U-Vü Smartphone Chest Pack


About Us

Long ago, I learned that the technical part of any job is 10 percent. Creativity, problem-solving, optimism, and surrounding yourself with intelligent, hardworking people are the remaining 90 percent. When you know how to be creative and assemble the right team, that's when all great things come.

My Name is Karl Picking, and I'm the owner of the U-Vü® pack company. Our strength is the vast and ever-growing network of outdoor and lifestyle enthusiasts, those who seek out adventure and want to share their stories with friends and family. 

I've always embraced the cutting edge because I know that no matter how the world of visual storytelling changes, the fundamentals of what makes good, compelling stories never do.

Another Epic Adventure captured with a U-Vü®

Who we are

We are the leader in smartphone camera packs. We make products that keep your camera organized, protected, and accessible, so you are free to adventure, explore, experience, and share. We pride ourselves in creating true utility through elegant, thoughtful design. 

Let us help you #ShareYourStory.

Our U-Vü® pack frees people to celebrate the moment and inspiring others to do the same. Everything we do is geared to help you capture life as you live it, share the experience, and pass on the stoke. We believe that sharing our experiences makes them more meaningful and way more fun.

AN adventure into the wilderness captured with a U-Vü®


The unique strength of the U-Vü® brand is attributable to the company's unwavering commitment to quality, performance, technology, and innovation.

Creating is fun, and when it comes to making stuff, we believe that less is more and that simplicity yields elegance. We believe that versatility should be baked in so that our products are used in ways that we've never even imagined. 

We believe our products should solve real problems and not invent them. Once we launch a product, we never stop trying to improve them. 

A Bluebird powder day CAPTURED WITH A U-VÜ®




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