The World’s Only Smartphone Chest Pack

What makes the patented U-Vü action pack the best choice for smartphone recording? Let’s explore the features!

The U-Vü Pack is made of Durable, heavy duty materials.

The U-Vü pack is made with high quality materials. The waterproof phone compartment is made of polyurethane coated heavyweight nylon Ripstop fabric, with an interactive plastic window and a IPX7 rated waterproof ziplock closure.

The pack is made of polyurethane coated lightweight nylon Ripstop fabric with 1/8″ thick foam padding. The harness features adjustable, elastic straps fastened with side-release plastic buckles.

U-Vü’s Interactive Screen

You can use your phone as usual while inside the pouch. The interactive window allows for use of the phones touch screen, without having to remove it from the waterproof compartment. This makes adjusting settings, sending messages, posting videos a quick, easy process.

U-Vü’s Detachable Pack

The pack easily detaches from the harness, so that you may join in the videos and pictures. Selfies!

Additionally, the pack pulls away from the velcro chest strap, while still being connected to the harness for easy access to your phones touchscreen.

Adjust U-Vü‘s Angle

Choose the size of wedge for your activity and attach to back of harness with the velcro strip. Take a couple test shots to make sure you have the right size wedge for your activity.

Every U-Vü Chest Pack order comes with 1-inch, 2-inch and 3-inch soft foam wedges.

U-Vü Waterproof Pack

The waterproof compartment is IPX7 tested (1 meter for 30 minutes), assuring that your phone is protected from the elements. Besides being safe, the pack also floats with the phone intact.

U-Vü’s Flashlight Function

Use your phone’s flashlight while leaving your hands free! Turn on the flashlight app, place phone in compartment to light up your path. Walk your dog at night, without fumbling with the leash and your phone. Go for a nighttime jog without worrying if that park has enough lighting. Or even light up your project while your hands are free to work the tools.

U-Vü Pack Size Accommodates…

Our current packs fit ALL phones up to 6″ in length. We will soon introduce a larger size to fit “Plus” size phones.

*The interactive window is not compatible with the iPhone 7 & 8 home button. You must remove the phone from the pack to access the home button functionality. This will not effect usage of camera functions once turned to camera mode.

Get your pack now!

The U-Vü is now live on Kickstarter! Click below to view our campaign and get your own U-Vü Chest Pack.