About Us

Founded in 2016, Karl, along with prototyping partners, Lester and Charlotte, has presented the outdoor adventure market with new options for hands-free smartphone video recording! We are committed to improving the video recording process, so you can enjoy yourself and share it all with your family and friends.

Karl Picking

U-Vü LLC founder and Chest Pack creator

U-Vü LLC founder and inventor Karl Picking spent 3 years developing, designing, patenting and testing the U-Vü Action Packs. The idea came to Karl while having continuous recording issues during his outdoor activities. He never liked carrying around a lot of video recording equipment, preferring his gear to be light and simple.

He always had his smartphone with him however, So why not find a way to record it all with his phone?

Karl grew up in the scenic landscapes of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, as an avid skier, kayaker and hiker. The U-Vü Chest Pack was created for adventurers like Karl, so that you never miss a moment.

Just hit record and go!