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You have a smartphone. You’re on an epic adventure. Why not share your view?
Introducing the U-Vü Smartphone Chest Packs! Making recording with your smartphone easier and hands-free. Slip your phone into the waterproof compartment, adjust settings through the interactive window, turn your camera to selfie mode, hit record and go!

Start Recording Your Adventure

Start Recording Your Adventure

What is the U-Vü Smartphone Chest Pack?

The U-Vü is a Smartphone Chest Pack.  It is a chest harness and pouch that allows you to record video on your smartphone handsfree.

Use Your Phone

You already have a smartphone. So there’s no need to invest in a specialty camera, when you can place your phone inside the U-Vü pack & hit record. 

Numerous Uses

The U-Vü Pack activities include skiing, kayaking, biking, and hiking, just to name a few! And what about spectator sports, family fun or even concerts. You can even use your phones flashlight to illuminate your path, handsfree!

Interactive Window

While inside the pouch, you can interact with your phone as usual through the PVC plastic window. No need to remove your phone!

Live Stream & Uploading

Since you’re recording with your smartphone, you can live stream or upload your footage whenever and wherever! All you need is cell service or wifi.

Protection & Functionality

The pack is waterproof and provides protection for your phone with a padded interior made with heavy duty fabric. Behind the phone compartment is another pocket for ID or bank cards.

Lightweight & Portable

At about 8oz (without phone) the U-Vü pack won’t weigh you down! Taking up little space makes it easy to bring on your adventures.

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What they said about U-Vü

  • I like the clear & steady videos that the U-Vü gives me when I am mountain biking around South Mountain.

    Jason M.
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Thanks to the U-Vü Pack, I don’t have to hold my phone to record my son’s football games anymore! Thanks U-Vü!

    Lori G.
    Minden, NV

  • The U-Vü Action Pack works fantastic for video recording when I’m kayaking! Keeping my hands free to paddle while I get an awesome POV video!

    Jason T.
    Carlsbad, CA

  • Now my hands are free to help my little ones do the things I’m trying to get footage of them doing! Videos of pushing them in swings at the park, water balloon fights, and all the happy life moments that I want to share

    Renee W.
    Des Moines, IA