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You have a smartphone. You’re on an epic adventure. Why not share your view?
Introducing the U Vü Action Packs! Making recording with your smartphone easier and hands-free. Slip your phone into the waterproof pocket, adjust settings through the plastic screen, hit record and go!

User Testimonial

What they said about U Vü

  • I like the clear & steady videos that the U Vü gives me when I am mountain biking around South Mountain.

    Jason M.
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Thanks to the U Vü Pack, I don’t have to hold my phone to record my son’s football games anymore! Thanks U Vü!

    Lori G.
    Minden, NV

  • The U Vü Action Pack works fantastic for video recording when I’m kayaking! Keeping my hands free to paddle while I get an awesome POV video!

    Jason T.
    Carlsbad, CA

  • Now my hands are free to help my little ones do the things I’m trying to get footage of them doing! Videos of pushing them in swings at the park, water balloon fights, and all the happy life moments that I want to share

    Renee W.
    Des Moines, IA